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How to crochet a smooth starting edge

When you begin a project in the rows and work your first row of stitches into your beginning chain you are often left with a bumpy edge that you will later be instructed to attach your yarn to and single crochet around to tidy it up.
Use this video to save yourself that final step and create a beautiful smooth edge from the beginning.

How to Crochet an Oval

Many of my amigurumi’s include the instructions to “Work into the back side of your chain” This is done as above to create your smooth edge but when done in my patterns it is usually to create an oval shape. This video is to help you understand the instructions in my patterns.

How to Crochet into the 3rd Loop

Frequently my patterns will call for crocheting into the 3rd loop. This is a technique that I enjoy using to add texture and interest to my pieces. Sometimes referred to as the knit stitch, crocheting into the 3rd loop adds a beautiful knit-looking braid to your work.

How to Make a Foundation Chain

Foundation chains are an excellent technique to know. They can save you a lot of time and a lot of headache when beginning a project with a long starting chain. It takes a long time and is easy to get your work twisted when crocheting into a long starting chain. Save yourself the tears by learning to make a foundation single crochet (FSC), Foundation Half Double Crochet (FHDC) and Foundation Double Crochet (FDC)

How to Clean Up Your Basket Weave

Any time you make a back post stitch with a different color than the post you are working around you get a color interruption and it can look messy.
This tutorial teaches you how to clean up that stitch and can be applied to any back post crochet pattern, not just the basket weave.

It may help you to watch my 3rd loop only video before this one.

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