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Truffles The Valentine’s Bunny

Now that New Year’s is over it is time to start thinking about the next holiday, Valentine’s Day! Originally I had considered making a Valentine’s teddy bear but I have decided to save the bear for another holiday (It’s coming up soon!). I went instead with a cute cuddly crochet

Pierson the Penguin

Meet Pierson, this month’s Kiddo in Costume, the crochet doll disguised as an amigurumi crochet penguin. Pierson met Toby and Henry at a party and was so fond of their costumes that he begged and begged for one of his own. Being December Pierson decided penguin pjs would be the

Toby the Turkey

Some people love to dress up for Halloween and some like to get dolled up for Christmas. Toby likes to dress up for Thanksgiving! Like Henry the Halloween Cat isn’t really a cat, Toby the Turkey isn’t really a turkey which is good news for him because November is a

Henry the Halloween Cat

Henry isn’t really a cat, though he likes to think he is. Henry is just a boy who likes to dress up as a cat and Halloween is the perfect excuse for him to wear his favorite outfit, though he’s never let the lack of a holiday stop him. Henry

Camilla the Cat

Camilla the Cat Is the first friend in my noodle series, and I don’t mean ramen. What are “noodles”? Noodles are a series of tall and skinny amigurumi friends, in Camilla’s case, a crochet cat. These cuddly creatures follow a similar pattern to create their tubular, gangly, noodle-like shape. Camilla

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