Pierson the Penguin

Meet Pierson, this month’s Kiddo in Costume, the crochet doll disguised as an amigurumi crochet penguin. Pierson met Toby and Henry at a party and was so fond of their costumes that he begged and begged for one of his own. Being December Pierson decided penguin pjs would be the

Pepp the Christmas Reindeer

As promised (or at least as stated) here is your green sweatered candy cane related crochet pattern. Is a cuddly reindeer what you were expecting? Are you disappointed? No, I didn’t think so. Pepp, as named by my boyfriend who was inspired by peppermint candy canes, is the newest friend

Finley the Fox

Okay so I lied last week, only I didn’t know I was lying at the time. I said the pattern for this week would include candy canes and I am sorry to say that it doesn’t. Let me explain. The main reason I decided to push back the candy cane

Drumstick Keychain

Many great inventions are born of necessity. Such is not the case for this amigurumi drumstick keychain. It was, however, born of a special request. My cute and trendy friend was pleased with the candy corn keychain she got from me to match her sweet candy corn tattoo (see what

Timmy and Tammy the Thanksgiving Turkeys

The best way to have turkey for Thanksgiving is as a cuddly decoration. Timmy and Tammy are the first of my Holiday Huggers. These crochet turkeys are about 7″ tall and perfectly sized to fit on the shelf or table for the most adorable Thanksgiving decor you have ever seen.