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Holiday Huggers Archives -

Truffles The Valentine’s Bunny

Now that New Year’s is over it is time to start thinking about the next holiday, Valentine’s Day! Originally I had considered making a Valentine’s teddy bear but I have decided to save the bear for another holiday (It’s coming up soon!). I went instead with a cute cuddly crochet

Pepp the Christmas Reindeer

As promised (or at least as stated) here is your green sweatered candy cane related crochet pattern. Is a cuddly reindeer what you were expecting? Are you disappointed? No, I didn’t think so. Pepp, as named by my boyfriend who was inspired by peppermint candy canes, is the newest friend

Timmy and Tammy the Thanksgiving Turkeys

The best way to have turkey for Thanksgiving is as a cuddly decoration. Timmy and Tammy are the first of my Holiday Huggers. These crochet turkeys are about 7″ tall and perfectly sized to fit on the shelf or table for the most adorable Thanksgiving decor you have ever seen.

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