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Featured Crocheter: Made with Love & Yarn -

Featured Crocheter: Made with Love & Yarn


Week Two

Over the next few months Bela Crochets will be featuring a series of fantastic crocheters. I have interviewed these wonderful makers to help you find new people to follow and to get in touch with other crocheters like yourself.


For week two I have interviewed Courtney Lang, the maker behind Made with Love & Yarn


Crocheter: Made with Love & Yarn


Hello! I am Courtney the maker behind Made with Love & Yarn! I am a creative mind, with a serious love of yarn and a passion for crochet design! I am obessed with sharing my passion with those who also love yarn and crochet! I would love if you checked out my website and followed me on your favourite social media!




What is your name? How did you come up with your business name?
I am Courtney, the maker/designer behind Made with Love & Yarn. I came up with my brand name because I am a terrible cook (my hubby is a fantastic cook) and he jokes that I put my love into my crochet projects instead of my cooking! So my designs are made with love and yarn!

What inspired you to start crocheting?
Pinterest! When I was pregnant with my oldest I started seeing cute yarn made baby items and saving them to a board called ”Crochet… I will learn someday”. It wasn’t until I got a gift certificate for Micheals that I got a starter hook set and skein of yarn. I spend hours practicing, watching videos and ripping out swatches.

I was hooked before I even knew how!

How long have you been crocheting?
I have been crocheting for 6 years. I learned when I was 24 while on maternity leave.

What was the first thing you ever crocheted? Do you have a picture?
After making a whole bunch of wonky swatches, attempting and failing at making a scarf, my first completed project was a water bottle cozy. It is all kinds of awkward and way too loose but I was so proud!


What is your favorite thing to crochet?
I love making things for my kids, Amigurumi, character hats, scarfs, costumes, etc. They really love when I make play food for them, you can find my BBQ Play Food Collection on my website and I have so many more ideas coming for different play food patterns. I have recently also started learning the art of making clothing. After finally wrapping my head around the concept of gauge I have successfully completed a couple pieces that I love. I am looking forward to learning more and designing my own clothing patterns in the future!

What have you created that you are the most proud of?
I am super proud of the exposure my Unicorn Headband received. A super simple but absolutely adorable pattern! It is the one pattern I have release that really took off and you all seemed to love! It’s that feeling of pride and accomplishment that makes it all worth it!

How long have you had a crochet business?
I am super new to the crochet business, definately still on the huge learning curve!  I just started my crochet blog in November 2018 but I am already so proud of what I have learned and accomplished. It’s been so much fun and I am looking forward to do much more!

What are the main focuses of your crochet business?
My main focus is to share my love of yarn and passion for crochet design. I am currently sharing my own designs and photo tutorials on my website. In the future I’d like to expand into teaching crochet, from beginner to advanced, through videos tutorials.

What are your ultimate goals as a crocheter?
My ultimate goal is to learn all I can and share my passion with others by teaching and sharing my own designs, online and in person. I am planning on taking the craft yarn council’s certified instructors program in the very near future to gain more confidence in my teaching ability.

Do you do any other fiber crafts?
I own a collection of knitting needles, looms and a sewing machine. I’d say I know the basics of all of them but my heart most definitely belongs to my hooks.

Do you have any non-fiber related hobbies?
Crocheting and being mommy take up the majority of my hours but I do also have a bit of a fascination with mindfulness and self-help. I often listen to audiobooks and podcasts while I crochet or am doing things around the house. I have just started working on an idea for a project that combines mindfulness and crochet that you will  hear more about in the fall!

What are you doing when you’re not crocheting?
Being a caos coordinator for my familly. My duties include, making snacks, helping with homework, making snacks, building train sets, making meals that no one eats, cleaning up craft supplies and making snacks! It’s the most work and the most fun I’ve ever had!

Are there any crafters you would like to send a shout out to?
This is such a fantastic online community, I want to give a shout out to all those who follow, like and comment on any of my posts, an extra big thank you if you’ve made or tested my designs! My absolute greatest gratitude goes to Mikey  from The Crochet Crowd for teaching me (and thousands of others) the basic skills of crochet! Also, Pam from Crochet Collective for sharing her knowledge and connecting me with others to learn and grow with!  

Are there any big projects you are currently working on?
I have been working on a collaboration with 11 other designers to create a Patchwork Mystery CAL.  Each of us has designed a square that represents us and has come together to create an afghan with so many different textures and techniques. It feels like a new project starting each square! I am having so much fun working on it as a community and I am super excited to share it with you! The first square will be released on April 15th and the square that I personally designed will be coming out on April 29th. Check out #PatchworkMysteryCAL to see some more sneak peeks!!   

Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Just that I am so very grateful to be a part of such a fantastic community! I look forward to learning all that I can, sharing my creations and connecting with others that share my passion!



You can find Made with Love & Yarn by clicking the following hyperlinks:










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