Toby the Turkey

Some people love to dress up for Halloween and some like to get dolled up for Christmas. Toby likes to dress up for Thanksgiving!
Like Henry the Halloween Cat isn’t really a cat, Toby the Turkey isn’t really a turkey which is good news for him because November is a very dangerous time to be a turkey!

Toby is a thanksgiving crochet doll who the second friend in my Kiddos in Costume series. I hope to release a new friend at the beginning of each month and they will be themed whenever possible. Are they stuffed animals? Are they dolls? It’s hard to say, but one thing is for sure, they are adorable!



The paid pattern for Toby features step by step photos to help your friend come out a awesome as possible.


I consider these kiddos to be intermediate patterns but if you have made amigurumi before they should be no problem. The feet are made individually and then joined together and worked in the round from there to form the body. A stitch marker will be important to keep track of your rows with this pattern.

I use back loop only stitches to create ridges at Toby’s feet and hands. This improves the appearance  and makes it feel more like Toby is wearing shoes and clothes however if you do not like the look of back loop only crocheting you can make regular stitches.

Toby’s head is closed while his body is left open for sewing together. I feel that this gives a cleaner look than joining two closed pieces together. If you like, you can attach the head when you stop to attach your eyes. The benefit to attaching the head at this point is that you will not pull up as much stuffing when sewing the pieces together and if you sew before attaching the eyes it will be easier to center them with Toby’s body. I myself have fallen victim to slightly off centered heads from being just one stitch off when sewing my pieces together. (Use your pins!)


  • 3.75mm crochet hook
  • Worsted weight yarn in brown, tan, yellow, red, green, gold, a flesh color, and a tiny bit of pink and a tiny bit of black
  • 12mm safety eyes (2)
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry and Sewing Needle
  • Polyfil or favorite stuffing

Optional: white felt and thread (for eyes)
Optional: Black embroidery thread (for pumpkin bucket)
Optional: Floral wire (for bucket)

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Now that you have everything you need to know to make your Thanksgiving crochet Toby the Turkey doll you can click the link below to purchase the pattern with step by step photos so you can make your very own!


If you prefer to keep all your patterns in one place you can also get this pattern on Ravelry or Etsy.


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