Camilla the Cat

Camilla the Cat

Is the first friend in my noodle series, and I don’t mean ramen.

What are “noodles”?

Noodles are a series of tall and skinny amigurumi friends, in Camilla’s case, a crochet cat. These cuddly creatures follow a similar pattern to create their tubular, gangly, noodle-like shape. Camilla is my first noodle but she has many cousins who will be joining the family over the next several months. There will be dinosaurs, unicorns, equine friends and even a family of various weasels.

The noodle series is a beginner friendly series. If you know basic amigurumi techniques you will be able to make any friend in this series.

Camilla and friends are crocheted in the round with fully closed body, head, and arm pieces which will all be joined together. They may look a little intimidating because the legs and body are all made in one piece without sewing. I know it intimidated me before I tried it! But I promise you it is not as hard as it looks and once you learn how to do it you will be able to reuse the technique over and over if you ever want to design your own friends.

Tips for success:

When changing colors I recommend making the last stitch before your color change as usual (insert hook, pull up loop) and complete the stitch by pulling through the loops with your new color. I then crochet my next stitch over both yarn tails to secure them.

I personally only choose to carry my color through (crocheting my new color stitches over the working yarn of the other color) when the new row is a different color than the row below it. For example if the row below was white and I am now working with black I will carry my white yarn. If I am now on a second row and both the row below and the new row are black I will not carry the white because it can show through the black stitches. Instead I drop the working yarn of the alternate color (after securing it with one stitch as mentioned above) and leave some slack when I pick it back up so it does not pull too tightly and distort the shape of my critter. Some people prefer to cut their yarn and weave in the ends or to knot different strands together. You may do your color changes however you prefer. I simply don’t prefer to weave in ends inside my amigurumi.

Sometimes my magic circles do not stay as tight as I would like. For some reason I find this to be less of an issue with amigurumi than with say an appliqué however it can definitely happen. In this case I will pull the tail of my circle as tightly as I can (without ripping it, because that’s happened!). I will then thread the yarn through my tapestry needle and double knot it around a stitch and weave in the end, this way the circle will not loosen.


◆ 3.75mm crochet hook
◆ Worsted weight yarn in off white and pink
◆ 12mm safety eyes (2)
◆ Scissors
◆ Tapestry Needle
◆ Polyfil or favorite stuffing
◆ Black Embroidery Thread
◆ Sewing needle

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Now that you know what you need to be successful in making Camilla you can purchase the pattern below and if you prefer to have all your patterns in one place you can also get this pattern through Ravelry and Etsy.


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