Benjy the Bat

When it comes to bats there are two types of people. There are those who think they are the cutest things ever, and those who are terrified that one will get stuck in their hair. No matter which type of person you consider yourself to be I think we can all agree that this adorable crochet bat makes a great halloween companion.

I make a lot of stuffed animals and while we would love to keep the first of everything I make, we simply don’t have the space. We recently decided that we would need to begin being selective about which new friends we keep and which we need to send off to a good home (but not without first giving them a hug and well wishes). Benjy was a must-keep for my boyfriend. He took one look at the friend and knew we needed to keep him. I suppose that means we will now be those folks who leave Halloween up year-round because I don’t think Benjy is moving from his pedestal. Since his creation Benjy has sent cousin’s all across the country. One of his cousins was even my first craft fair sale of the year. So whether you are making one for yourself or making one as a gift for a spooky friend who wishes it was Halloween every day of the year, this little bat pattern is sure to please.

The only special stitch you will need to know for this crochet bat pattern is the magic circle.

The neck of the crochet bat is left open and the bottom of the head is closed. I think this makes for a much cleaner join. I personally prefer to sew the head to the body after I attach the eyes, that way I do not pull up stuffing from the head however you may attach the head at the end if you prefer. When I join an opened piece to a clothes piece I like to line up the rounds (which gets a tiny bit tricky at the increase). For this bat you will line the body up with the third row of the bat so that you are able to evenly join 18 stitches on both pieces.
It is my personal preference to pull the needle from the body stitch through a stitch on the head, let’s refer to that as stitch A. I then Pull my needly through the next body stitch from back to front. I then insert my needle back into stitch A and out through the next stitch opening of the head. I continue in this fashion always pulling my thread through the previous head stitch.
If you have a favorite way that you like to join open and closed pieces I would love to hear about it.


  • 3.75mm crochet hook
  • Worsted weight yarn in purple and pink
  • 12mm safety eyes (2)
  • Polyfil or favorite stuffing
  • Yarn needle

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Sl st – Slip Stitch
Sc – Single Crochet
Inc – Increase
Dec – Decrease
Hdc – Half Double Crochet

This pattern is worked in the round except for the wings.

Benji the Bat crochet pattern

With Main Color and a 3.75mm hook



With purple

  1. Create a magic ring, Sc 6 in ring, pull tightly to close (6)
  2. Inc around (12)
  3. [Sc, inc] 6x (18)
  4. [Sc next 2, inc] 6x (24)
  5. [Sc next 3, inc] 6x (30)
  6. Sl st to next st. Ch1, HDC in same st and each st around, sl st to first st to join (30)
  7. Sc in next st and each st around (30)
  8. Sc around (30)
  9. Sc around (30)
  10. Sc around (30)
  11. [Sc next 8, dec] 3x (27)
  12. Sc around (27)
  13. [Sc next 7 dec] 3x (24)
  14. [Sc next 2, dec] 6x (18)
  15. Sc around (18)
  16. Sc around (18)
    Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing to head later. Stuff body


With purple

  1. Create a magic ring, Sc 6 in ring, pull tightly to close (6)
  2. Inc around (12)
  3. [Sc, inc] 6x (18)
  4. [Sc next 2, inc] 6x (24)
  5. [Sc next 3, inc] 6x (30)
  6. Sc around (30)
  7. Sc around (30)
  8. [Sc next 3, dec] 6x (24)
  9. Sc around (24)
  10. [Sc next 2, dec] 6x (18)
  11. Sc around (18)
    Stop to attach eyes and nose. Attach eyes between 3rd and 4th row from hook with 3 stitches in between each eye. With pink stitch a nose in between your eyes. You can choose to attach the head to the body at this point to avoid pulling up stuffing from the head if you wait to attach the head at the end. Stuff head.
  12. [Sc, dec] 6x (12)
  13. Dec around (6)
    Fasten off head and weave in end, sew to body if you didn’t before.

(Make 2)

  1. Create a magic ring, Sc 4 in ring, pull tightly to close (4)
  2. Inc around (8)
  3. Sc around (8)
  4. [Sc, inc] 4x (12)
  5. Sc around (12)
  6. Sc around (12)
  7. [Sc, dec] 4x (8)
    Fold ear in half and sl st across top to finish. Fasten off leaving a long tail for sewing to head.


(make 2)

Begin by leaving a long tail for sewing to the body later

  1. Ch6, Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, turn (5)
  2. Ch1, Sc across, turn (5)
  3. Ch1, Dec, sc next 3, turn (4)
  4. Ch1, Sc across, turn (4)
  5. Ch1, Sc across, turn (4)
  6. Ch1, Dec, sc next 2, turn (3)
  7. Ch1, Sc across (3)
    Turn your wing so that you are working along the slanted side where you made the decreases.
  8. Ch1, skip 2 stitches, 3HDC in next stitch, skip 2 stitches, 4DC in next stitch, HDC and DC in last stitch. Sl st to side to join.
    Fasten off, weave in end of fasten off. Sew to body with starting tail.


You have just finished your super cute halloween bat!

Patterns on this site are intended for personal use only. Reproduction in any manner, including electronic reproduction, printing multiple copies and sharing them, scanning, posting to the internet, selling, or distributing in any other way is prohibited. If you really like this pattern please refer your friends to my website,

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You may not in any way share, reproduce, or sell my patterns.


I work very hard to create patterns that are easy to understand and easy to follow however I include some intermediate stitches. If you have any difficulty with this pattern please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to help.

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