Attaching Keychains to Crochet

Adding keychains to small crochet projects is a lot of fun. It’s a great way to show your work off in the world, plus keychains make awesome stocking stuffers!
Here are instructions on how to add keychains to your crochet works.

There are step by step photos at the end of the written instructions.

I like to use transparent thread for these things however I have used black in my photos to help you see.


  • Your awesome little crochet project
  • Keychain
  • Thread (I like transparent thread)
  • Sewing needle

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Thread your needle so that your working thread is about 14″ long (This may need to be longer or shorter depending on the size of your keychain. 14 inches works for me and my keychains which are usually at most 3 inches tall.)

Knot your thread and pull through one of your side stitches and exit in the bottom center of your project. Pull tightly so the knot disappears into the body of your project.

Make at least 3 knots around a center loop to secure your thread.

Insert needle beside your knot and pull through to the top center of your project.
(Depending on the height of your project you may sometimes have to make a detour out one of the side stitches and then back in through the same stitch and out the top. Make sure to go in between the stitches and not through your yarn.)

Pull the thread through the bottom link on your keychain
(Sometimes there is a little space at the top of the links. If this is the case rotate the link so that the opening is opposite the side you are threading.)

Pull needle through center crochet loop, pull taut.

Repeat pulling the thread through the link and through the crochet loop a few times for security.

Optional but recommended: Make a few knots around the center crochet loop to secure.

Poke thread through center and pull out in the same place you pulled through on the bottom.

Make a few knots around the same stitch as before to secure.

Give your keychain a few tugs. If you have enough thread you can repeat the entire process for extra security. I do not find this to be necessary but it couldn’t hurt! Once you are confident that it is secure poke your needle through the same bottom stitch and pull it through any side stitch. Hold tightly and cut thread close to body. If necessary, give your project a little squeeze until the thread disappears into the body.


You have just made a super cute crochet keychain!

Use your new keychain attachment skills to make some of my free keychain patterns here


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